Perkatory Coffee Roasters Branding Concept

A branding strategy that can seamlessly move from digital to print is important. Perkatory Coffee Roasters was “conceived from the minds of two children of the 80’s raised on punk rock and skateboarding” so I drew on the iconic symbol of the New York Hardcore scene for a simpe X logo.

While Perkatory has successfully expanded into four locations since its first store opened in Middletown, CT, the distinctly DIY feel of the company remains. This spirit led my decision to create the simple logo and chunky, hand-drawn style workdmark. This branding could as easily be turned into a rubber stamp for DIY projects as it could be mass produced at a print shop.

Branding makes a lasting impression on customers and gives clues to what to expect in your experience with a company. Creating and following brand guidelines is important to ensure that customers have a continuous brand experience to help build trust and loyalty.

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