Building Community through Engagement

I was born and raised on the campus of a boarding school in Connecticut. I also attended that school from grades 6-12. It’s probably not a huge surprise to find out that I now work at a boarding school in Connecticut (though not the same one.) This experience gives me a special understanding of the relationship alumni have with their Alma Mater, and I tend to feel like I know what they may seek in interacting with that school on social media.

I conducted an audit of the Instagram account that I run for the Choate Rosemary Hall Alumni Association and compared my findings to both similar alumni accounts and national benchmarking data.

I wasn’t surprised to find that similar schools were outperforming us in posts per month by more than half – I am in charge of creating the social content after all. What I was surprised to find is how enthusiastically our alumni engage with the alumni instagram even when our post volume is low and our frequency intermittent.

This enthusiasm to interact with the Choate alumni Instagram account, and to be part of the larger Choate alumni community has refilled my social media cup long since run dry. After conducting this research and comparing the results, I can see that our alumni are crying out for a way to engage and interact with the school that they hold dear.

You can view my entire social media engagement strategy pitch here to find out what I have planned for the upcoming months. I look forward to putting this plan into action in order to build a stronger, more interwoven Choate alumni community on Instagram.

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