Northumbria NHS Trust: Too much content, too little structure

When Northumbria NHS Trust’s leadership contracted Bernard Marr to help create and implement strategic performance management, it was not an organization in distress. The Northumbria NHS Trust was, instead, a thriving, top-rated healthcare system with the means and capabilities to look ahead toward a more successful future. With more than 12,000 staff members working across fourteen locations, creating a succinct, actionable plan ensured improved performance trust-wide.

The outcome of Marr’s work was a Plan-on-a-Page which included fifteen business goals to drive all aspects of the organization. Unit leaders were asked to look at all of their initiatives through the lens of this strategic plan and cut any that didn’t further the business goals. Unfortunately, the digital content missed that memo.

In the attached strategic content analysis, I identify several key areas in which too much content, or poorly organized content, limits the value of what is being produced for the Trust’s constituents. Furthermore, offer recommendations to help Northumbria NHS leadership and staff get their digital content back on track. Finally, I identify several Key Performance Indicators that can help the Trust’s staff measure if the digital content is supporting three of the organization’s business goals. Read more in my report.

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