Guten Morgen, Spinne!

Author’s Note: This is not me. It is also not my Opa.

Guten Tag! Which, as you may know, is German for good day. Taking that hint, I’m sure you’re able to guess that guten Morgen means good morning. And, since you’re very, very smart, you’ve likely figured out that the whole title of my post, and my blog, is “Good Morning Spider.”

Now you’re ready for the long story about how when I was a wee babe, my German Opa (grandfather) used to tell an anecdote about a spider and a fly. But he didn’t. I didn’t even have a German Opa. The origin of the phrase is much less twee. I’m currently studying German using Duolingo. I have noticed, while using language learning apps, that they don’t really teach you anything remotely useful in the beginning stages. I don’t know how to order in a restaurant, or ask directions… but I do know the phrase “Guten Morgen, Spinne. Auf Wiedersehen, Fliege.” I can also say “Die Bären fressen Erdbeeren.” So… if we find a sleuth of strawberry eating bears in the Black Forest, I guess I’ll be able to identify what we’re seeing.

So there! Now you know a bit more about me. Fun fact: I am currently eating a very large slice of German chocolate cake for lunch. I’m sure this is going to end well for me.

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